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Chicken Every Sunday


Dan Dailey and Celeste Holm are a couple in Tucson, slightly before and after 1900. He has a pattern, which is to start a business and then, just as it is about to make a nice profit, he gets tired of it and embarks on another business. His long-suffering wife has to take in boarders to make ends meet, and they are forever adding to the house to make a room for one more. When his cockamamie “can’t miss” idea to mine copper in an arroyo just outside of town goes belly up she decides she has had enough, and visits an attorney. This is how the movie starts, and the rest is told in flashbacks. And if you think she goes through with the divorce you haven’t seen enough films from the 1940s. It’s all very predictable. I won’t say I hated him, but I sure didn’t like him very much. The picture is most notable for being an early appearance of Natalie Wood as a child.