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Tremors II: Aftershocks


Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996) These two movies remind me of the Alien/Aliens duo in many ways.
1) Both concern monsters that are
2) unseen at first and are
3) out to eat you.
4) The second film gives you more monsters than the first one did.
5) The first films are groundbreaking (in the case of Tremors, literally), inventive, and (Alien) scary as hell (Tremors) exciting and funny as hell.
Tremors does not set out to scare you, but to raise the tension in a serious/funny way. Alien seeks to scare you, and does. The first films are works of genius, the second films are great entertainment. I know people who like Aliens better than Alien. Sorry, doesn’t work for me. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t scared for one second. 1000 aliens are not scarier than one alien. In fact, they are 1000th as scary. It’s the same here. You can’t recapture the joy of the first one … but you can have some fun. I did. I enjoyed it, even though it was half the movie the first one was.