Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Trailer Park Boys

(Canada, 2001)

Julian and Ricky are the focus of a group of losers in a big trailer park in Nova Scotia. A documentary crew are following them around after they get out of jail, I guess hoping to see how they reform themselves. Julian and Ricky are dumb. They are really, really dumb. How dumb are they? Well, there are more than 6 billion people in the world. Eliminate the mentally retarded (they have an excuse) so make it an even 6 billion. Now, list all those people in order from smartest to dumbest and it would go something like this:

#1 Marilyn vos Savant (Guinness Book of World Records Highest IQ.)
#2 Stephen Hawking
#3 Cecil Adams
#4 Ken (34-time Jeopardy champion, $1,135,460 and still counting.)
#5 Dr. Science (He has a Masters degree! In science!)
———-skip a few places————
#5,969,999,997 Beavis
#5,969,999,998 Butthead
#5,969,999,999 Adam Sandler
#5,970,000,000 through #5,999,999,995 Fans of Adam Sandler
#5,999,999,996 A box of rocks
#5,999,999,997 Dirt
#5,999,999,998 Julian
#5,999,999,999 Ricky
#6,000,000,000 George W. Bush.

How dumb are they? When Ricky is getting married and Julian has to provide the wedding feast, he robs a supermarket … not for money, but for food, carts full of hot dogs and bananas … and allows the camera crew to follow them, and the tape is later used in evidence to send them back to the slammer. These guys are way beyond redneck jokes. Their sole virtue is loyalty; they have absolutely nothing except each other, so they have to stick together. It’s pretty funny stuff, a big hit in Canada, but don’t bother to watch it on BBC America, because if they bleep the obscenities there would be very little soundtrack left.