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I loved Amy Schumer’s one-woman stage show. And she is about the hottest thing in comedy right now, I know that. These days I’m used to seeing comedies where I don’t laugh much, and I realize that they are not making them for me, but for younger generations that often laugh at things I don’t really find all that risible. But (aside from the abominations of Adam Sandler) I don’t expect comedies to be laugh free. At the halfway point, I hadn’t laughed once. This movie was written by Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow, so I expected more. But all I got was a horribly unappealing character in pretty predictable situations. The sex scenes were almost hard to watch, with this girl unable to fuck without talking a lot and trying to direct the action. I get it, she’s controlling, and avoids close relationships at all costs, but it kept coming across as very, very sad, rather than funny. It was quite clear where this was going to end up, and I peeked at the summary on Wiki. Sure enough. We decided we didn’t need to waste any more of our lives on this one.