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Tomb Raider


I’ve allowed a back-up of un-reviewed movies to accumulate in my To Do file. That means that some of these reviews are of films I may have seen a month or more ago. This is not a good thing for many movies, because I find that a month later I don’t recall much about them. The majority of action movies are like that. Pretty generic action. I remember being mildly entertained by this one. I was a little annoyed that Lara seemed to be pretty dumb, always doing something even I could have warned her about. I understand that this was meant to be an “origin” story, and I presume that the wonderful Alicia Vikander hopes this will be a paycheck franchise, putting money in the bank so she can do more serious stuff. I understand that, I do. But this is really beneath her. Thank heaven Meryl Streep has never felt the need to be Indiania Jones.