Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Take Care of My Cat

(Goyangileul butaghae, South Korea, 2001)

Take Care of My Cat (Goyangileul butaghae) (South Korea, 2001) Five girls get out of high school and face life in the real world. The movie is mostly a character study, not a lot happens plot-wise, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. This is the 3rd Korean movie I’ve seen recently, and all are totally different. You may realize, intellectually, that places like Korea and Japan are very, very hi-tech, but it still comes as a surprise to me how plugged in these kids are. There is very little shown in the way of remnants of old Korean culture; you get the impression that in another generation it will be completely gone, totally westernized. But maybe not. See Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring.