Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Mystery Men


A clever satire on the current fascination with superheroes. These are the also-rans, wannabes with weird “superpowers” that actually don’t work. Ben Stiller is more or less the leader of the little gang, and he calls himself Mr. Furious. The idea is that when he gets really, really angry, he is unstoppable. And he keeps threatening to get really, really angry, warning people they better watch it … but it never happens. Then there’s William H. Macy as The Shoveler. He has a silver shovel that he uses as a weapon. It’s not very effective. Jeanane Garafolo is The Bowler, and guess what her weapon is. Kel Mitchell is Invisible Boy. Only problem, he’s perfectly visible to everybody. But to no one’s surprise, when they go up against archvillain Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush) in his opulent lair, it all comes together and we get to cheer for pathetic losers everywhere. I had a good time