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Mexican Werewolf in Texas


Okay, I confess, I only rented this one because I wanted that title in my movie list. With Netflix, it doesn’t cost you anything except the trip to the post office. And there was always the chance, microscopic but measurable, that it might be fun. After all, would you think a movie about giant, speedy, radioactive earthworms (called “graboids”) terrifying a small Nevada town would be good? If you doubt it, see Tremors.

Sorry, no cigar. I’m not a “bad movie” fan. I watched Plan 9 From Outer Space years ago just to see it if was as bad as advertised (it is), and that’s about the extent of my intentional bad movie viewing. This sort of movie used to be made for the drive-in circuit. Since there are hardly any drive-ins now—more’s the pity—they call this sort of shit “direct-to-DVD.” Oh, it played for about a day at the Shriekfest Film Festival (no doubt for Oscar consideration), and then into the box … where it should stay. We lasted 18 minutes.