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Miss Sloane


Jessica Chastain is a super-lobbyist and a really unpleasant person. You just know that if you met her, you would hate her on sight. We meet her when she is testifying before Congress about something, then we flash back to a month before and follow the trail of nastiness and unethical behavior that led up to it. I can’t say a lot more as there is a twist ending that I did not see coming, and that seems to me to have played fair with me, unlike so many twists. If the writer is good, you should not groan when the twist is revealed, you should smack your head and say “Damn! I should have seen that?”

Chastain is marvelous, as always. There is a dame with an Oscar in her future, it’s only a matter of time. She gets excellent support from Alison Pill (and jeez, wouldn’t you change your name?), John Lithgow, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (and there’s really no point in changing a name like that, is there?).