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The Hunting Party


Simon Hunt (Richard Gere), a down-at-heels reporter, and his cameraman, Duck (Terrence Howard), set out to find and interview one Radoslav Bogdanović—known as “The Fox”—in the Bosnian enclave of Srpska (no wonder the fought a war; there must have been a severe vowel shortage in Yugoslavia, and everybody wanted to get as many as they could). The war is over, but most of the worst war criminals seem to be able to mysteriously avoid the UN agencies charged with bringing them in … and it turns out that no one wants to capture them, for political reasons, even if they have a $5 million price on their heads. Simon has a history with this butcher, and Duck and a hapless network executive’s son (Jesse Eisenberg) who is trying to get some credibility as a producer, gradually learn that Simon has an insane plan to capture The Fox and bring him in. The movie begins well, but sort of peters out. I felt sorry for Eisenberg, whose role here consists mainly of shaking, puling, whining, and all but pissing his pants.