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This is the best 2007 film I’ve seen so far, and it’s late July. Of course, there are many current films I haven’t seen yet, and many more to come, including the “Oscar contenders” bunched up as they always are late in the year, but this will do for Best Picture for now, until something better comes along. (Possibly the much-awaited Sweeney Todd?) There is only one reason I can think of for someone not to love this movie, and that is if you hate, just simply hate, musicals. I know there are such creatures, and I feel sorry for you. What do you do for fun? This movie rocks. It rocks and rocks and rocks, and then it rocks some more. The story is totally unbelievable, and who cares? That’s what musicals are about, they’re fantasies. Wouldn’t it be nice if fat girls could win dance contests? Wouldn’t it be nice if black and white could come together over the music we all love? I will buy the DVD, and these days that’s a pretty high compliment.