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Hot Pursuit


(NOTE: I was recently hospitalized for four days. So I did what I did the last time I was there: I watched movies from the small selection they offered. This was an opportunity to take in some that I normally would have passed on. And just as last time, I found they were all movies I was wise to have skipped. At least they didn’t make me any sicker. This is one.)

Aspires to be a buddy/road movie for women, and it’s just sad. Reese “Do you know who I am?” Witherspoon is a by-the-book cop, almost too dumb to draw breath, who has to escort Sofia Vergara somewhere for something, and we follow their misadventures across Texas. They hate each other at first, but soon they grow to … oh, shit, do I really need to go on? No real laughs here. Ms. Vergara is certainly worth looking at, if you’re a dude. That’s about it.