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(Second review) Walter Matthau was one of my favorite actors, both in his eight movies with his friend Jack Lemmon (they are buried side by side in the Westwood Cemetery) and the many others he made. The list of terrific movies he made is a long one, including things like Charade, The Fortune Cookie (won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor), A New Leaf, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, and The Odd Couple, which he also played on Broadway. One of my favorites was Charley Varrick, where he plays a man who is always one step ahead of the fearsome killer who is after him. This movie is a sort of reprise of that character, except it’s the incompetent CIA that is chasing him, and he’s always two steps ahead of them. It is great fun all the way, and he works well with Glenda Jackson, another of my favorite actors. Ned Beatty provides the comic relief. The script is by Brian Garfield, from his book, and Bryan Forbes, the director. Highly recommended.