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I think what I liked the most about this one was the use of 3D. I confess I haven’t seen a lot of recent films in 3D, but the ones I have seen, in the 2D version, convince me that the 3D was just an embellishment, used mostly in action sequences: roller coaster rides, things protruding from or flying out of the screen. Ho-hum. Until now, the only film I’ve seen that I am certain would be significantly lessened in the 2D version was Avatar. The things that tickle my fancy the most in a 3D movie are having things float by in front of my face, and seeing a static or semi-static scene take on real depth. The roller coaster rides I can do without.

The story itself is good, too. As a movie buff, I was charmed by the recreation of the studio of Georges Méliès, and his history and films. Here is a man who pretty much invented every special optical effect in cinema, all of them still in use today. I mean, aside from CGI, he did it all. He was brought low in life when his films fell out of fashion, and really did operate a booth in a train station, scraping by, living in poverty. Luckily, he did regain some recognition in his lifetime, and today is acknowledged as one of the great creators of movies.