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Girl 6


Spike Lee is not the most consistent director around. He has made some amazingly good movies in his career, both fiction and documentary. And he’s made some that just fall flat. This is one of those. The subject is phone sex, and I just didn’t believe a single scene. I’ve never called such a service, but I think it’s generally agreed that the sexy female voice on the other end is quite likely to be either not all that attractive, or someone elderly, or even both. Not in this movie. All the girls are lovely. I also think most of these women work out of their homes. Do you really think the sleazeballs who own these things would spring for a spiffy suite of offices, neat and clean, spacious, upscale? Neither do I. I see them working out of some sweatshop over a Chinese restaurant. I do not believe they would hold seminars, actual training sessions for these girls. Maybe an audition, thumbs up or thumbs down. More likely the audition would happen on the boss’s couch. Lastly, though I realize this is mostly a comedy, I just didn’t buy the callers on the other end and their phone sex fantasies. Again, I don’t really know what kind of men call services like this, but I suspect it’s mostly just heavy breathers and their fantasies are quite plain, even boring. Nothing held together here, nothing at all, and we abandoned it about halfway through. Which is too bad, as Theresa Randle is quite good as the new girl on the phone.