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Doctor Strange


I understand this is the fourteenth film in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCI), with many, many more to come. (Does anyone else think it odd that stories like this used to be Grade-Z serials at the movies? That they were made for adolescents who really had no life? Come to think of it, that hasn’t really changed all that much.) I broke my rule of not going to any more gigantic movies about superheroes mainly because Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the Doctor. Well, rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? I may break it again when Wonder Woman comes out on DVD since I’ve heard that it’s better than the normal run of bop-bam-boom-pow! crap like this … but that’s the other reason I watched this one, and it wasn’t true. The Cumber’s presence mattered not at all, it was the same old shit. The critics were ecstatic and the box office was stuffed with money … and I appear to be the only one who was bored out of his mind. So take this review with a grain of … something. You may love it. Just don’t recommend any other superhero movies to me if you do. I’m not interested in assholes in Spandex or capes.