Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

The Da Vinci Code


One of the nice things about living in Los Angeles is that everything plays here. The most obscure art movie, the latest epic from East Timor … everything. We stumbled on this one at a little neighborhood theater in Los Feliz Village, bargain matinee $4.50, and thought, what the heck? Okay … it’s kind of long, and it’s mostly about people standing around solving puzzles, at least when other people aren’t chasing them and shooting at them. There’s some nice location photography; you’d almost think they’d got permission to shoot in the Louvre! But under it all there is an interesting theological theme. Myself, I don’t care if Jesus left little bastards all over Palestine and was crucified because he didn’t pay child support. But if the Catholic Church ever gets wind of this theory … hoo boy! Somebody ought to write a book about this.