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The Depahted


Well, that’s how they pronounce it in this movie, set in Bahstin. Everybody tahks like that. We’ve all seen stories about cops infiltrating the mob—the Irish mob in this case—but you add a level of complexity when you also have a mole in the police depahtment. It makes for some amazing twists and turns in the plot. Matt Damon and Leonahdo DiCaprio ah the twin rats, and their superiahs ah Mahtin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Mahk Wahlberg, and Jack Nicholson. All do a very good job.

I found I liked this movie less the longah I thought about it. Lee pointed out some plot holes and some questions that should have been ansahed but weren’t. The relationships with the police shrink didn’t make a lot of sense, and you got the feeling she was just thrown in to complicate things. This is a man’s movie, no doubt about it; the only othah women in it were Jack’s whoahs. Frankly, if this hadn’t been a Mahtin Scorsese movie, I’d have probably given it higher mahks … I know that isn’t fayah, but it is a Scorsese movie, and I expect moah from him. The editing is a little ovah the top, with flash images of horrible things. Scorsese doesn’t succumb to the worst abuses of a thrillah, like slomo and the infamous shootout in the empty wayahhouse, but it just wasn’t up to the standahds of a great directah.