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(Les Témoins, France, 2014)

Quite a strange TV series, which went for two seasons. It is set in Le Tréport, a small town 40 miles southwest of Calais on the English Channel. There is a weird, tiny funicular which climbs the cliffs that divide the town between upper and lower sections. The plots are far-fetched, maybe a little too unlikely. For instance, the first episodes of the first season opens with the discovery of a bus sitting on the roadway with a carload of passengers who are frozen solid. That’s right, frozen. The explanation, when it comes, is not impossible, but the culprit is one of the more unlikely characters you will ever encounter. Still, it was good enough to take us to the end and to see the second season, too. I think it was mostly because the two cops, played by Thierry Lhermitte and Marie Dompnier, are worth watching.