Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Winter’s Bone


Most critics won’t admit it, but I think that mood has a lot to do with it. How are you feeling when you watch a movie? Are you distracted by things in your personal life. Did you get out of bed on the wrong side, as they say? Suffering a bout of indigestion? Just generally feeling sour about things? Sometimes I’m in the mood for a good movie that just happens to be depressing … and sometimes I’m not. This time, I wasn’t. I wanted something light, and halfway through this one I knew I just couldn’t take any more nasty, meth-cooking, wife-beating, bail-jumping, inbred Ozark hillbillies and their miserable lives. This, though the acting was very good, and the script was sharp and the photography was well-suited to the dirty milieu. One another day I might have appreciated it. My apologies to the writer, director, and actors. I just couldn’t hack it.