Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

One Week


Buster Keaton two-reeler. This is one of the well-known ones. Buster is a newlywed, and the couple has received a build-it-yourself house in a lot of boxes. But Buster’s rival has switched the numbers on the boxes. When the house is completed, it is all out of whack. This provides endless opportunities for pratfalls, and Buster finds every one of them. When a storm comes, the wind blows the house around like a carousel. The whole damn thing was mounted on a turntable! Then they find out the have to move the house, start towing it, and the rope breaks. The house is on the train tracks. A train is coming down the tracks … and I won’t tell what happens, except to say it is perfect, not what you were expecting … and then the payoff, out of nowhere. Hilarious!