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On the Basis of Sex


We all should really get down on our knees every night and pray to whatever gods there be, the old or the new, the seven-faced or the faceless, even the bloody Lord of Light, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg wakes the next morning, ready to do battle with those fucking shitheads recently installed on the Supreme Court. She’s old. She had cancer, three times! She beat colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and is currently fighting lung cancer. She has a stent in her heart, and recently took a fall that broke some ribs. Oh, please, gods, let her live beyond the 2020 election … and let that monster currently in the White House go down in flames. (Or maybe someone will send him to Saudi Arabia, as Fran Lebowitz recently suggested, then lost her nerve and walked it back.)

This film is the story of her early years, when practically no women were in the law, and assholes like Erwin Griswold, dean of Harvard Law, fought her at every turn. It is a nice little film, and makes you feel warm and fuzzy about all the good she has done in her time. Felicity Jones does a good job. This is never going to be on any Top Ten lists, but it’s worth seeing.