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(Ireland, 2006)

A short and appealing film about people making music. It plays out over about a week, during which a street musician/guitar player/songwriter meets a piano player from the Czech Republic, in Dublin. They are attracted, but for various good reasons they can’t get together. Sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time. We were both reminded of a film we both love, Before Sunrise. … unfortunately, I didn’t love this one as much, or even as much as I wanted to. Both characters are people I liked, played by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. The writing was good. It’s nice to see something like this made on a very, very low budget. So what was wrong? Here’s why you probably shouldn’t take my review too seriously: It was the music. For one thing, a guy singing with a guitar is not my favorite genre, by a long shot. I thought all of these songs were pretty ordinary, until one toward the end that was in 5/4 time, a bit of complexity you don’t often see in pop music. (Though one of my favorite Linda Ronstadt songs is in 7/4.) I recognize that the sort of songs this man writes appeal to many people, just not to me. I’m a tough sell on lyrics, and I didn’t like any of these. So make of it what you will. You may love it, as huge numbers of people, including Lee, did. It just didn’t quite make it with me.