Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan


(Okkupert, Norway, France, Sweden, 2015)

Here’s an unusual one. In the near future Norway decides to go ultra-Green, shutting down its oil operations in the North Sea and relying on thorium reactors. But this means that Russia and the EU no longer have Norwegian oil to use, and this is unacceptable. So Russia simply takes over. The EU pretends that the fucking Russkis were invited in, and the US doesn’t want to get involved. Not a shot is fired, because the PM wants to avoid violence. A commendable position, but as the days and weeks and months go by it becomes clear that the bastards have no intention of leaving, as they promised. Violations of Norwegian sovereignty become worse and worse, and the PM’s policy of appeasement more and more untenable. An underground resistance is formed, and begins to harass the invaders in large and small ways.

And I thought, it’s about fucking time. I thought the PM went way too far in accommodating the goddam invaders. A citizen of an occupied country has a lot of hard decisions to make, and they are not always black and white. But I do feel that, for instance, if a nice Russian family moves in next door, you do not socialize with them. You snub them. You make them feel unwelcome in any way you can. Slash their tires in the night. Throw rocks or worse through their windows. Shoot their fucking dog! There are no innocent invaders, including civilians who arrive to facilitate the violation of your country. As for troops … anything goes. Blow up their barracks, machine-gun their trucks. Make their lives a living hell. Especially, attack the pipelines and refineries. Make it too damn expensive for the fuckers to steal your oil! It worked in Afghanistan, it would work in Norway. Of course, there would be a price. People would die. But liberty never comes for free.

The ten-part series ends at that point, when the fighting back is just getting started. I will be eager to see the next season.