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Escape From Planet Earth


I knew it was bound to happen. A few months ago I was in the hospital having my left knee replaced. It hurt quite a bit … unless I popped an oxycontin every hour on the hour. There wasn’t much to do there except watch the extremely limited selection of movies playing on a blurry little lo-def TV screen, so I did that. And I must have been even more loaded than I thought because, though I dutifully noted that I had watched the film, I simply can’t recall a thing about it. No kidding! I read the synopsis at Wikipedia and am none the wiser. Did I fall asleep? Who knows. I include it here only in the interests of completeness, since the reason I started writing these little essays about films was to have a record of everything I had seen. (Which will never happen; there are literally thousands of movies that I saw between the ages of about four and just shy of sixty that I’ll never get around to reviewing.) I do note that the reviews were bad, so I doubt I’ll ever get back to it.