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Employee of the Month


What a mess of a movie. We gave up at the 1-hour point because we simply weren’t interested in what it seemed to be. Then I read a little of the very sparse reviews and found out it was not what it seemed. I collect movies about capers and cons and treasure the good ones. So we started it up again, and sure enough, there was a twist ending. In fact, there were about six twist endings, which is at least three too many. In fact, it was so muddled that they were still inserting scenes of what you didn’t see, what they withheld from you, while the end credits are rolling.

The problem here: you’ve got to have the audience with you in the first act if they’re going to stick around for the surprises in the third act, and they didn’t do it. We were bored by these people. It was far too tedious. I don’t know a solution to this script problem, because their blandness was part of the trick … but somehow they have to be made bland in an interesting way, if you know what I mean. Joe vs. the Volcano comes to mind, or Fight Club.