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Enough Said


James Gandolfini’s next-to-last film. He meets Julia Louis-Dreyfus at a party. They go out together and, to her surprise, she likes this big bear of a man. She is an upper-class masseuse, going house to house to get the kinks out of her clients. One of them is Catherine Keener, who she becomes friends with. One of the things they talk about is Keener’s ex-husband from hell. Keener has nothing to awful things to say about him, his every disgusting habit. Then Julia learns that Gandolfini is the ex. It all becomes pretty awkward, and they split up, but in the end there is hope that they might work it out.

It’s a sweet little movie, with good performances from all concerned, including Toni Colette, who we have always liked. And once more, James Gandolfini proves that there was a lot more to him than his truly awesome creation of Tony Soprano. I miss him.