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Saturday Night at the Toons

November 14, 2009. Note to readers: Lee and I have decided to make our way through my collection of every Walt Disney animated feature. (Sadly, they’re all on VHS tape, and may not be playable in 20 years.) We are going to watch one every Saturday until we get to Home on the Range. I’m not sure if Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Chicken Little, Enchanted, and Meet the Robinsons qualify. Archivists differ on that. They also disagree as to whether Victory Through Air Power, So Dear to My Heart, Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Pete’s Dragon, and Song of the South qualify, since they are only partially animated, but I’m going to take the liberal interpretation and include them. Counting them that way, it turns out there are 52 features, so we should be finishing up around this time next year. Saturday Night at the Toons! It should be fun!