Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

The Rescuers


The Rescue Aid Society is located in the floorboards of the United Nations, and exists to find children in trouble and deal with their situation. All the members are mice. Miss Bianca picks, for some unknown reason, the janitor to accompany her to the bayou country to rescue a little girl kidnapped from an orphanage by Madame Medusa, who needs the child to recover some pirate treasure. They fly south in a sardine can attached to the back of an albatross.
The good things here include the albatross, a dragonfly named Evinrude who propels a leaf boat in comical fashion, two pet alligators, and Madame Medusa. The artwork is very good, as is the animation. The things I didn’t like were Eva Gabor (possibly just prejudice on my part) as Miss Bianca, and Bob Newhart as Bernard the janitor. Sorry, I like Bob, but his voice and stuttering delivery wear pretty thin very soon. His voice is just all wrong for an animated cartoon.