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Every once in a while a movie manages to navigate the tricky shoals of sentimentality without ever running aground on the reefs of schmaltz. Amelie was one. This is another. I have no problem with sentiment, if it is laid on with humor and artistry. This movie pokes delightful fun at almost every animated Disney movie ever made, while at the same time being true to itself, and never getting snarky or condescending about it. It’s one of those movies that exist only to make you grin for two hours. What more could I ask of such a picture? If you can watch the music/dance number in Central Park and not have a smile on you face, I probably don’t want to know you. As for the “Whistle While You Work” sequence, where all the creatures of the forest help Snow White clean up the cottage … only it’s a New York apartment, and the critters are rats, pigeons, and roaches … must be seen to be believed! I loved it! In fact, I had only one complaint, and that is we didn’t get to see enough of Susan Sarandon as the Wicked Witch. She was having such a great time in the role, and she is so good … a little more of her would have been nice. But that’s a small cavil. See this, and enjoy.