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The Next Three Days


Does this ever happen to you? You watch a movie on TV, add it to the list of movies you intend to write to a friend about, or talk about, or write a review about, and then you forget about it for a couple of months, and when you sit down to write … you can’t recall much about it? It’s not necessarily a bad movie, it’s just not great, and in the end, not very memorable. That’s what happened here. I had to go to Wikipedia to refresh my memory. So …

Russell Crowe’s wife, Elizabeth Banks, is convicted of murdering her boss and sentenced to life in prison. Things get worse and worse for her, to the point that she attempts suicide. Why not? Who needs fifty or sixty years in a cage? Not me. Her husband decides he has to break her out. Quite a tall order for a guy who’s not Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, or even Liam Neeson. He has no experience in stuff like that, and at first is pretty bad at it. But he learns as he goes along, and does some smart things. And smarter things. And eventually some things I didn’t really believe. The best I can say for this is that it’s a reasonable entertainment, but you may not remember it a month from now.

I had an idea of how to make it more interesting. How about after he gets her out and they are chillin’ in Venezuela, he finds out that she did kill the guy?