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The Bridge

When it was decided to make an American version of this story, there was the matter of picking a bridge. Canada was considered, in particular the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, which I crossed a hundred times in 1965 when I was working in the Motor City. (Back then, they just waved you across in both directions. Can you believe it?) Bad idea. The whole thrust of these of ... Read more »

The Tunnel

(Uk, France)

This is a re-make of the Danish-Swedish TV series The Bridge, AKA Bron, AKA Broen. There are several possible bridges they could have used in the UK, including the Tower Bridge in London and the massive Firth of Forth bridge in Edinburgh. In France there are the famous bridges over the Seine and, I assume, ... Read more »

The Bridge (Bron)(Broen)/The Tunnel/The Bridge

The Bridge (2011-2018) (Danish: Broen; Swedish: Bron) (Sweden, Denmark) Here is a story with a fascinating history, including two remakes in different settings.*

We begin with this one, the original, kicked off by the murder of a women (that’s not a typo; wait for it.). The body is left exactly on the line between Denmark and ... Read more »

The Wasp Woman


I’m not usually into bad movies, but for some reason when this title came up as I was scrolling through upcoming stuff on TCM, I decided to TiVo it. I didn’t know it was a Roger Corman production until his name appeared in the credits as writer and director. Typically, it had a shooting schedule of about a week. And as usual, Corman used standing sets, and pretty cheap ones at that. There ... Read more »

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)


If you haven’t seen the 1974 version of this classic Agatha Christie story, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a really good movie. And it’s not a bad movie, not by any means. What it is, is an okay movie. If you have seen the 1974 movie, this one will make you wonder “Why the hell did Kenneth Branagh think it was a good idea to ... Read more »

Murder on the Orient Express (Third Review!)

(UK, 1974)

No need to repeat myself too much in these dual reviews, of this one and the 2017 re-make. The passage of 43 years gave Kenneth Branagh a fine set of new visual tools not available to Sidney Lumet, and Branagh made good use of them. But time did not provide Branagh with the incredible star power of the original cast. Dig this: Sean Connery, Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Ingrid Bergman ... Read more »

Molly’s Game


Aaron Sorkin is responsible for some of the best television in recent years, including shows like The West Wing and The Newsroom. In movies he scripted A Few Good Men (from his play), Moneyball, and The Social Network. I wasn’t a fan of that last one, nor ... Read more »

Night of the Living Dead


Even a student of cinema like myself misses an “important” film here and there. Life is not long enough to see all the films you might like to see. Here is one I missed for a long time. And it is an important film, which I define as changing the game in some way. This is the granddaddy of all “shambling zombie” movies, the beginning of the plague we are suffering through right now, and I ... Read more »

The Disaster Artist


Here we go again. Another film that is a critical darling, won a lot of awards, and is a stinking piece of shit. I mean that sincerely. There is nothing to like in this little turd of a movie. Not a single element. Not a single frame. It sucks, from beginning to end.

It’s about a man named Tommy Wiseau and the making of what many people call the worst film ever made: Read more »

Victoria and Abdul

(UK, 2018)

We start out with a title: “Based on real events … mostly.” I take this to mean that at least 51% of the story is true, but up to 49% is bullshit. It seems that for the last 15 years of Victoria’s reign her court favorite was a Muslim who had managed to enchant her. Naturally, the rest of the court was not happy, even scandalized by some of the things she did with him. He got the title of ... Read more »