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The Kids Are All Right


Lots of Oscar nominations here, and all of them well-deserved. Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo got Oscar nominations and Julianne Moore deserved one. Mia Wasikowska was very good, and Lisa Chodolenko, the director, got a screenwriting nomination, and it was up for Best Picture. I have no quarrel with any of that. I enjoyed it greatly, but I have to say that, when it was over, I realized that if not for the fact that it was a lesbian couple whose children wanted to know who their artificial-inseminator father was, it would have been a pretty ordinary film. Well-acted, well-written, but nothing new. So, it was the lesbian angle that got everybody’s attention, right? I’m not complaining, that was all good and I’m overjoyed that our society has progressed far enough that a Hollywood studio can make this hit movie and generate pretty much zero controversy. I’m sure the usual ultra-“Christian” trolls complained, but I didn’t hear about it.