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Julia Misbehaves


I have always loved the pairing of Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in Mrs. Miniver, the role Garson won the Oscar for. I hadn’t realized that they co-starred no less than eight times! This is the fifth of them. It is a mere trifle, nothing to compare to that wartime masterpiece above. Greer and Walter were married 20 years ago, but the harpy mother-in-law managed to break them up after a year. Greer went back to show business, leaving her infant daughter (a very young Elizabeth Taylor) with her father. Now the girl is grown up and to be married. Secretly, the girl sends Mom a wedding invitation. Greer shows up, very unwelcome, but the old romance begins to kindle again, with a subplot of Liz falling in love with Peter Lawford. It’s fun, and forgettable.