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(USA, UK, 1972)

Another box ticked off on our journey through the films of Robert Altman. And not one that I enjoyed too much. Susannah York is a woman who is going crazy in her remote house in Ireland. At various stages she kills one of her former lovers, who actually died in a plane crash three years before, then her current lover, then her husband. Only she didn’t really. Or did she? They keep coming back, and one morphs into another. I grew very tired of it. It reminded me a little of Roman Polanski’s Repulsion, where Catherine Deneuve descends into madness, all alone in her apartment … except Repulsion is a much better movie. Altman indulges in all sorts of atonal sound effects that might have been intended to give me a spooky feeling, but only annoyed me. So Altman didn’t hit a homer every time he stepped up to the plate.