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I was living in San Francisco while the Zodiac was running loose … and for that matter, he may still be running loose, no matter what the author of the book this screenplay was based on may think. I remember how it all played in the newspapers, and how people not yet accustomed to this sort of serial killer reacted to it. (These days, of course, we’ve seen so many serial killers we’re ... Read more »



There has been a funny zombie movie before this, the excellent Shaun of the Dead. That one takes place in England. This one is American, and I think it’s even a little better than Shaun. I think zombies are funny in and of themselves. They are so pitifully easy to kill. They shamble after you, no tactics, no lurking about, no plan at ... Read more »

The Zookeeper’s Wife

(UK. USA, 2017)

This was a major disappointment to me. The story of the Żabiński family, Antonina and Johan and their young children, Ryszard and Teresa (still alive today), should have been compelling. Instead, I kept wanting it to show a little movement. It is extremely ponderous, when it should have been electrifying.

The Żabińskis were the directors of the Warsaw Zoo, one of the best in the ... Read more »



The 55th animated feature to come out of the Walt Disney Animation studios in Burbank premiered on March 4th, 2016. As of this writing (6/22/16) it has earned $1,012,150,383 on a budget of $150,000,000.That makes it the fourth-highest grossing animated movie ever and it’s still playing in some theaters. Only this last week it faces some real competition in Finding ... Read more »