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The well of “Marvel Universe” characters, something I know very little about, is apparently bottomless. Lower your bucket to the upper waters and you pull up Spiderman. Drop down a lot lower and you dredge up concepts like this one. It’s some sort of symbiote that has no trouble erupting from its host, increasing its mass tenfold instantaneously, and then slipping back inside and hiding, possibly in the spaces between cells? Oh, well, it’s a comic book, no need to look for science. This thing, named Venom, eventually gives up its habit of biting the heads off of people and decides to work with Our Hero against the Evil Billionaire with Good Intentions that Go Bad. He’s a wisecracking parasite, too. A few of his lines were actually even a bit funny, in a Marvel Spidey sort of way. I watched it 20 minutes at a time while eating lunch, so I didn’t actually waste a lot of my time. You shouldn’t either.