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Valentine Road


This is the sad story of Lawrence King, an openly gay boy of fifteen who was gunned down in a classroom in Oxnard, California, in 2008, by a piece of shit named Brandon McInerney, who was fourteen. And the piece of shit got off! And there are interviews with several people, including at least one teacher and a couple of jurors, who think it was all King’s fault. Served the little faggot fucker right for getting in everybody’s face with his perversions, according to this incredibly evil teacher who was not at all afraid to say that on the record. Not in those words, of course, but her meaning was clear.

And though I oppose those sentiments absolutely and totally, and revile all the people who feel that way, I kept thinking over and over, “This poor boy just doesn’t get it!” He thinks he can go to school dressed up like a girl and wear high-heeled shoes and invite Brandon to be his date at the prom, and no one will care. What fucking planet was he living on?

Of course he should have the right to do that, but did he have no idea at all as to how much some people are offended by that behavior? How much they hate homosexuals? And that it could so easily lead to violence? It seems impossible. I feel deeply for him, and wish I could pull the switch on the murdering little fuck who killed him, but how could he not see that?