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An episode in the 1985 television series Welcome to Paradox based on the short story “Options” by John Varley, teleplay by Scott Frost.

Technology has enabled the populace of Betaville to change ones sex as easily as changing ones clothes. So when Cleo Lawson finds that her husband is a philanderer she takes the opportunity to change her sex as a means to understanding what it is to be a man, and perhaps why her husband is the way he is.


  • D. Harlan Cutshall – as Bartender
  • Edward Diaz – as Receptionist
  • Justin Lazard – as Leo Lawson
  • Chris Logan – as Dr. Marion Charles
  • Cyndi Mason – as Janice
  • Robert Moloney – as Jules Lawson
  • Veena Sood – as Faith
  • Nancy Sorel – as Cleo Lawson
  • Jill Teed – as Nora