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A far-future people reach back in time — to today — in order to survive.

John Varley’s screenplay was based on his short story Air Raid and his novel Millennium.

Of his Millennium movie experience Varley said:

We had the first meeting on Millennium in 1979. I ended up writing it six times. There were four different directors, and each time a new director came in I went over the whole thing with him and rewrote it. Each new director had his own ideas, and sometimes you’d gain something from that, but each time something’s always lost in the process, so that by the time it went in front of the cameras, a lot of the vision was lost.


  • Kris Kristofferson: Bill Smith
  • Cheryl Ladd: Louise Baltimore
  • Daniel J. Travanti: Dr. Arnold Mayer
  • Robert Joy: Sherman the Robot
  • Lloyd Bochner: Walters
  • Brent Carver: Coventry
  • David McIlwraith: Tom Stanley
  • Maury Chaykin: Roger Keane
  • Al Waxman: Dr. Brindle
  • Lawrence Dane: Captain Vern Rockwell
  • Thomas Hauff: First Officer Ron Kennedy
  • Peter Dvorsky: Don Janz
  • Raymond O’Neill: Harold Davis
  • Philip Akin: Kevin Briley
  • Susannah Hoffman: Susan Melbourne
  • Victoria Snow: Pinky Djakarta
  • Claudette Roche (as Claudette Roach): Inez Manila
  • Bob Bainborough: Investigator
  • Cedric Smith: Eli Seibel
  • Edward Roy: Gantry Controller
  • Gary Reineke: Carpenter
  • Michael J. Reynolds: Jerry Bannister
  • Chapelle Jaffe: Council Chamber Member, Stockholm
  • Christopher Britton: Council Chamber Member, Buffalo
  • Gerry Quigley: Council Chamber Member, Khartoum
  • Leonard Chow: Council Chamber Member, Beijing
  • Jamie Shannon: Young Bill Smith
  • Yank Azman: Evacuation Leader