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Blue Champagne

An episode in the 1985 television series Welcome to Paradox based on the short story “Blue Champagne” by John Varley, teleplay by Jeremy Lipp.

Q.M. a worker in a futuristic healing resort called “Blue Champagne” becomes smitten with virtual reality superstar Megan Galloway when she arrives for some convalesence. The relationship takes a passionate turn but soon fails after he realizes that his emotions are sold to the VR producers as part of her performance contract.


  • Jennifer Copping – as Q.M.’s Girlfriend
  • Rachel Hayward – as Megan Galloway
  • William McNamara – as Q.M.
  • Mikela J. Mikael – as Girl
  • Klodyne Rodney – as Coco
  • Alex Zahara – as Malcolm