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Superheroes – John Varley Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

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Superheroes is an anthology edited by John Varley and Ricia Mainhardt of superhero stories written by some of today’s top fantasy and science fiction writers, with an introduction by Varley. These modern-day heroes champion justice in an age where good and bad aren’t always black and white. Varley’s story: “Truth, Justice and the Politically Correct Socialist Path.”

Stories by: Steve Antczak, PJ Beese, Jerry Bingham, Richard Lee Byers, Brenda W Clough, John DeCancie, Dwight R Decker, Alan Dean Foster, Roland J Green, Laurell K Hamilton, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Gerald Hausman, Richard A Knaak, Paul Kupperberg, Brad Linaweaver, William Marden, Frieda A Murray, Jody Lynn Nye, Dennis O’Neil, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Mike Resnick, Lawrence Schimel, Josepha Sherman, Michael A Stackpole, Brian M Thomsen, John Varley, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Roger Zelazny.

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