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Bullies at Amazon

August 9, 2014. You may have heard of the current dispute between Hachette Book Group and Amazon. I won’t go into the details, which are complicated, but what’s been happening is that Amazon has been playing “hardball,” as they call it. They have unilaterally decided to delay shipment of all Hachette titles, from two to four weeks.

Just how much of the total book market Amazon ...

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Latest Novel

Dark Lightning

Dark Lightning is the fourth and last in my Thunder and Lightning series.

Cassandra Ann and Pollyanna Sue are 18-year-old identical twins from an illustrious family. Their great-grandparents were among the first people to land on Mars. Their grandparents fought in the wars to keep Mars free. Their mother, Podkayne, is a famous ...

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Latest Movie Review

We Are The Best!

In 1980 three pre-teen girls of the type always categorized as “losers” are fans of punk rock and refuse to believe it’s dead. They form their own band, despite not knowing if you plug in a drum set or not. I wish I could tell you more, but the fact is that between the shaky camera work and the loud, obnoxious, and talentless music, I was beginning to get a headache fifteen minutes in, so ...

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Latest Collection

Good-Bye, Robinson Crusoe and Other Stories

“This stellar collection by John Varley contains eleven provocative, utterly distinctive stories and novellas. None of them are currently available in any other book. Some have been unavailable in any form for twenty-five years or more. The result is a publishing event that no admirer of Varley—or of first-rate imaginative fiction—can afford to miss.

“The ...

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Featured Film

A Short Overview of Titan

Here's a very short but quite impressive video made by Jean-Paul Verne, a fly-through of Gaea from my trilogy. M. Verne wants to be involved if a movie ever gets made. Over the years many, many people have written to me wishing these books would be made into a movie. Naturally, I'd like that, too. Let's hope this is not as close as we'll ever get.

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Featured Short Fiction

In Fading Suns and Dying Moons

Fermi asked of extraterrestrials, “Where is everybody?” Perhaps we might not want to know.

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