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March 4, 2021

John was discharged from the hospital February 28 with many instructions, one being that has to sit in the backseat. Since our PT Cruiser’s backseat hardly accommodates 6’ 5” John under the best of circumstances, his wonderful family came to the rescue yet again. (Kerry, Francine and Jerry gathered together and delivered all the things he needed at home.) We picked him up in Francine and Jerry’s Jeep SUV. At home he feasted on Francine’s gumbo, then headed to his laptop. There were so many good thoughts and prayers messages. He read them all.

I knew John was going to be okay because John has Good Luck. He has the born-with good luck: good family, intelligence, talent. He also has accidental good luck. Like Dennis Lasker, an assistant to John Foreman who produced many of Paul Newman’s films, reading “Air Raid”. There’s even good news in his bad news. Type 2 diabetics are in danger of heart attacks or strokes. A heart attack is way better than a stroke.

The “Surgical and Procedural Summary” described what they did to him: “Heart Cath Lt With Coronary Angio.” and “Coronary Artery Graft X 4, Lima, Evh Of Left Leg Svg, Pulmonary Vein Isolation With Left Atrial Appendage Clipping, Tarnsit Time Flow Measurement, Sternalock Closure.”

Also included in his discharge package was a booklet, Heart Surgery Care Guide, with all the no no’s: No lifting more than 5 pounds; No using arms to push or pull; No lifting elbows above shoulder height; No reaching behind your back, above waist level; No driving.

He has a red heart-shaped pillow that he hugs to his chest when he coughs, sneezes, burps, laughs, hiccups, gets in and out of bed, stands up, or rides in a car in the backseat behind the front passenger.

And then there was all the new prescriptions including a recliner chair to sleep in. When our good friend Dan Prall found out John needed a recliner he said: “I don’t want either of you stressed about expenses, as you need to just concentrate on taking care of each other.” And he paid for it. Bless you, Dan.

Lee the chauffeur

Hi everyone,

This will be brief as it is still hard for me to sit in a typing position, and my left arm doesn’t work very well. Since I’m a lefty this is a bigger problem for me than it probably is for you. They say it will get better.

I just wanted to add my thanks to the excellent report and appreciation Lee wrote, above. I thank you for the good vibes and wishes and karma sent my way during my recent travails. Yes, and your prayers as well, though I’m an atheist and don’t know quite what to do with them. Is anyone really listening? Maybe so. Can’t hurt to pray, anyhow.

I also need to send a special thank you to those who sent small donations along with the wishes. As you know, in the USA we have easily the best health care in the world … if you can afford it. I got wonderful care every moment I was at PeaceHealth hospital. Now the bills will start coming in. We pay for insurance (more than we can afford) but the co-pays can sometimes be deadlier than COVID. (For which we still haven’t been able to find a vaccination appointment.)

That’s all I can do now. I will have some observations and such a little later, when my arm stops trembling.

Vancouver, WA

February 22, 2021

All your good thoughts, prayers, and strong visualizations paid off. John is recovering in the ICU after 4-plus hours in the OR. According to Sandy at PeaceHealth SW Medical Center, they did 4 bypasses and clipped the atrial appendage to stop blood pooling. He’ll be spending the next 5 nights in the hospital.

Thank you, Universe.


Last week John began having chest pains. Then we got snowed in for a few days. So it wasn’t until last Thursday that he saw a cardiologist for a stress test. Blockages! The doctor told him to go to the emergency room immediately. They scheduled him for an angiogram next day hoping that a stent would fix the problem. It didn’t, so now he’s going to have coronary bypass surgery Monday morning. Any good thoughts, prayers, strong visualizations that you can send his way would be greatly appreciated.

February 20, 2021
Vancouver, WA