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February 22, 2021

All your good thoughts, prayers, and strong visualizations paid off. John is recovering in the ICU after 4-plus hours in the OR. According to Sandy at PeaceHealth SW Medical Center, they did 4 bypasses and clipped the atrial appendage to stop blood pooling. He’ll be spending the next 5 nights in the hospital.

Thank you, Universe.


Last week John began having chest pains. Then we got snowed in for a few days. So it wasn’t until last Thursday that he saw a cardiologist for a stress test. Blockages! The doctor told him to go to the emergency room immediately. They scheduled him for an angiogram next day hoping that a stent would fix the problem. It didn’t, so now he’s going to have coronary bypass surgery Monday morning. Any good thoughts, prayers, strong visualizations that you can send his way would be greatly appreciated.

February 20, 2021
Vancouver, WA