Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

I just received seven advance reading copies of my upcoming new novel, Irontown Blues. I immediately put one copy on my shelf, as I always do. The other six are up for grabs. There are six only. When they are gone, there will be no more signed copies from me. As always, I will personalize the book to you if you so desire.

These are what used to be called bound galleys, uncorrected proofs, review copies. They are the size of a trade paperback. The only difference between what the final published edition will be is the words ADVANCE READING COPY on the front cover and a box on the back giving the publishing information. There will be no more editing. The story in these galleys is the same story you will get on August 28, 2018.

There will be no hardcover edition at all, I’m sad … no, angry! to say. We got screwed by Penguin House, my new corporate conglomerate publisher. They have decided that there aren’t enough of you wonderful people, my readers, out there to justify printing honest, durable books between boards for grown-ups who prefer paper to Kindle. We are currently looking for a small press that might be interested in publishing a limited edition hardcover. If we find one, we will announce it here. Keep watching this site!

We are asking $75 for the books. I know that is a high price, but there are only six of them. You might be able to get one from the reviewers they are being sent to, but they won’t be signed, so we think it is reasonable. Besides, we really need the money, since Penguin House screwed us in other ways, too.

No idea how long it will take to sell them all (if anyone is actually willing to pay $75, that is!) but it’s possible they will be gone soon. So if you want one and want to be sure to get one, you should order now!

March 15, 2018
Vancouver, WA