Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

Since I learned that Penguin House did not intend to print a hardcover first edition of my latest book, Irontown Blues, we have been hoping to find a small press publisher willing to do a limited edition. So far, we have not found one. When I asked you folks on the mailing list if you would be interested in such a book, I got over 100 replies, all of them eager to get one. There have been so many requests in fact that I decided that I can’t afford the time to answer all of them individually, as I usually do. So, know that so far nothing has happened. If and when there is any news on that front, it will be published here at the website, and go out to everyone on the mailing list.

There have also been inquiries as to the possibility of an audiobook. Again, I’m sorry to say that so far one does not seem to be in the offing. I will keep you posted.

Our other news is that I now have available some copies of the trade paperback edition for sale on the website. We are asking $30, plus postage. There are only 22 of them, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. There will be no more, and I have no convention appearances currently scheduled. So if you like signed copies, here is your chance. I will also inscribe them personally to you, if you like.

Thank you all.

October 15, 2018
Vancouver, WA