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I know many of you have asked when my next novel, Irontown Blues, will be published. The answer is that I’m pretty sure it will be in the Fall, September or October.

Which means I have to hand it in by April 30. Since it’s not finished yet, this has been a cause of quite a bit of anxiety for us. I am working hard every day. I am pleased to say it’s coming along well.

But I am way over the original deadline, and this time the publisher has said they will not extend it again. Meantime, the well is running dry, the bank account virtually empty. So it’s time to bite the bullet, dig into the vaults, and have a garage sale online.

I am selling four hardcover first editions of books by Robert A. Heinlein. These books are all autographed, and three of them are inscribed to me, personally. On the Antiques Roadshow such books are referred to as association copies. That is, a signature of a famous author with a dedication to another famous person. (Well, within the science fiction community I am sort of famous.)

These books will be listed on eBay soon. I thought it would be good to notify you folks of their availability, just for your information. I haven’t been able to determine with any certainty what such books would sell for, so my asking prices are just a shot in the dark. At an auction they might go for more than that … or they may be way overpriced. We shall see.

Here is what I am selling:

To Sail Beyond the Sunset. Heinlein’s last novel, published in 1987. It is in mint condition. It is inscribed “To my esteemed colleague John Varley. Robert. (Hey brother, you write a good stick!)” Bidding starts at $500.

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. 1985. Inscribed “To John Varley. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I enjoy your stories. Robert A. Heinlein.” Mint condition. Also $500.

Job: A Comedy of Justice. 1984. Inscribed “To my colleague John Varley. With my deepest respect! Robert A. Heinlein.” Mint condition. $500.

Friday. 1982. This one is in rather poor shape. The spine leans, and there are small chips to the DJ. But it is signed on the title page by Heinlein, and on the dedication page by Ginny Heinlein. I think books signed by both of them are pretty rare. But considering the condition, I am starting the bidding at $100.

Thanks for your time. I realize these prices are high, but I’m hoping to find some collectors out there who will value them and give them a good home

Vancouver, WA
April 4, 2017