Image copyright © by Marcus Trahan

We recently held an eBay auction to sell four signed and inscribed books by Robert A. Heinlein. We am happy to report that the final prices for these items were way beyond what I had expected!

I was not going to quote just how much they went for, but then I realized that anyone who wanted to know could just look them up on eBay, so what the heck. Here’s what we got:

Job: A Comedy of Justice: $870.00

Friday: $935.00

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls: $1,025.00

To Sail Beyond the Sunset: a whopping $1.200.76.

I want to thank all the bidders and buyers. And beyond that, there were several of you who either did not need the books or couldn’t afford them, who just donated money. This added up to almost a thousand dollars more. Your generosity knows no bounds. I have always known I have the best readers in the world, and once more you have shown it by helping to bail us out of our current situation.

Vancouver, WA
April 17, 2017